Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Timothy's mixed ethnicity probably left him an outcast.
  2. Timothy's character and witness caused the church to see the evidence of grace in his life.
  3. This second missionary journey would further the Gentile cause and strengthen the church.
  4. Lydia had the means to help financially support the church in the new area.
  5. Following God's mission does not mean that you will avoid persecution.
  6. Even Paul and Silas' jailer recognized their authority and treated them with respect.
  7. The Gentile leaders response show the confusion of the gospel and what it really meant.
  8. Berea was a contrast to the people in Thessalonica.
  9. Christianity is not illogical and Paul shows a great example of contextualizing the message and reasoning with people through philosophical arguments.
  10. Christianity must engage the culture and not run from it.
  11. Paul spends considerable time in Corinth.
  12. Corinth was a difficult place to minister but God tells Paul not to be afraid and to contend for the faith under difficult circumstances.
  13. Paul's trial shows that the Gentiles have no spiritual framework to understand the gospel.
  14. Eloquence does not mean complete comprehension and correction is sometimes required.
  15. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is essential in a believers life.
  16. Paul ministers in Ephesus for a long time showing his commitment to the church there.
  17. Miracles and signs serve to authenticate their ministry.
  18. Words are not a formula for power. The power belongs to Jesus.
  19. Paul's time in Ephesus ends in a riot but the peaceful resolution allows the church to continue.