Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. The church should regularly send people out for mission.
  2. Fasting is listed twice during this important event.
  3. The mission to the Gentiles now moves to new territories.
  4. They went to Barnabus' hometown of Cyprus (4:36).
  5. Start mission where you live.
  6. These magicians want to use Jesus for their own selfish gain.
  7. The sign performed by Paul served to validate Paul's authority.
  8. The message continues to spread farther and into areas that are less and less Jewish.
  9. Paul gives a historical overview that shows the power of God to save.
  10. The people are eager to hear the truth and ask to hear more from them the following week.
  11. The Jews did not want the Gentiles to share in blessed Messiah and opposed Paul and Barnabus.
  12. The church has always endured persecution.
  13. The animosity was not only Jewish, but also Gentile in nature.
  14. Paul and Barnabus just endured and stayed for a while.
  15. As the church reaches out to the world, the world strikes at the church.
  16. Persecution is not the only challenge they face in ministry. The Gentiles have misunderstandings that the Jews do not have because they are polytheistic and do not have an understanding of how God has revealed himself to the Jews. They seek to worship Paul and Barnabus.
  17. The violence they faced did not keep them from continuing to minister.
  18. They returned, encouraged the churches, and then reported what God was doing in the world. The gospel was headed to the ends of the earth!