Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Romans 1 is the longest greeting Paul used in any of his letters.
  2. The gospel demonstrates God's ability to save by transforming sinners.
  3. The righteous living by faith is not a new concept. This is a quote from Habakkuk 2:4.
  4. God has to act in wrath toward sin or He is not just.
  5. God's wrath is revealed by giving people over to their sin.
  6. Paul doesn't give an exhaustive list rather he is describing the ongoing patterns of people who are unrighteous.
  7. The Jews have the advantage of having been given the promises of God.
  8. Sin is universal.
  9. Works cannot save anyone.
  10. The law brings the knowledge of sin.
  11. Righteousness is available to all through faith in Jesus Christ.
  12. Justification comes through faith.
  13. Christ's work restores our relationship with God.
  14. Christ's work is the proof and revelation of God's love.
  15. Christ's work restores from the curse.
  16. Paul answers the question, "If the law caused sin to increase grace, then wouldn't continuing to sin lead to more grace? Answer: NO.
  17. Our union with Christ guarantees our salvation.