Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Lazarus' illness and death are for God's glory.
  2. Jesus' delay in coming to them was because he loved them.
  3. Jesus was glad he was not present for Lazarus' death so his disciples could witness this resurrection.
  4. Martha comes to Jesus first and she still demonstrates her faith and belief.
  5. Jesus was deeply moved to anger.
  6. Jesus wept but not for Lazarus. Jesus wept for his outrage and grief over sin and death.
  7. Martha did not fully understand just yet.
  8. Jesus' prayer was for the benefit of his hearers.
  9. The council was worried about their place.
  10. Judas had an ongoing pattern of disobedience.
  11. The chief priests wanted to destroy Lazarus as well for he was a symbol.
  12. The hour has finally come.
  13. Jesus' death and resurrection was not defeat, but triumph.
  14. Secret faith will not do.
  15. These words that proclaim life and forgiveness to the believer also proclaim condemnation and wrath for the unbeliever.