Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Jesus speaks of not just his death, but the manner in which it will take place.
  2. Jesus is anointed in preparation for his death.
  3. Judas strikes a deal.
  4. Jesus gives new significance to the Passover meal.
  5. Jesus warns them but Peter's pride leads to a disturbing prophetic word.
  6. This communion in the garden left Jesus sorrowful and troubled.
  7. Jesus endured not because he had no choice (he had angels at his disposal) but because he chose to obey even unto death.
  8. Even false witnesses could not convict Jesus of any wrong doing.
  9. The Jews did not have the authority to kill Jesus. They would need Roman permission.
  10. Pilate's wife had suffered in a dream and sent word to her husband to leave him alone.
  11. The people were so blood-thirsty that did not even fear God.
  12. The curtain was torn because Jesus is the sacrifice, the priest, and the temple.