Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Jesus had difficulty in his own family.
  2. There was disagreement even in Jesus' own family about who he was.
  3. Jesus knowledge of scripture left the people amazed at his teaching.
  4. Jesus was called crazy.
  5. To this point God the Holy Spirit was not given in the full sense that He would be after the glorification of Jesus.
  6. "Without sin" does not mean sin free. We are called to confront erring brothers and sisters in their sin. Jesus questions the double standard.
  7. The light of the world is the second of the I am statements and it is loaded with older testament references: Exodus 13:21-22; 14:19-25; Psalm 27:1
  8. Jesus does not judge the way the Pharisees do.
  9. God is sovereign in the death of the only begotten Son – the hour only came when God determined it was the hour.
  10. True faith is seen in those that make their home in the word.
  11. Jesus is accused of being a Samaritan and having a demon.
  12. They saw Jesus as guilty of blasphemy.
  13. God reigns even in the chaos of an attempted stoning.