Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. The historical context given by Luke is fantastic.
  2. David's people would travel to Bethlehem (House of Bread) for the birth of the bread of life.
  3. There is an ongoing theme of shepherds and sheep throughout the scripture.
  4. Singing and directions follow.
  5. Jesus submits to the requirements of the law from the very beginning.
  6. The Holy Spirit is upon Simeon and he is looking for the consolation or comfort of Israel.
  7. It is unusual for the Holy Spirit to be on Simeon in this way.
  8. Simeon sees Jesus, take him in his arms and blesses God as well as prophesied.
  9. Simeon is immediately at peace.
  10. Faithful Anna sees the redemption of Israel.
  11. Luke doesn't give much detail about Jesus' childhood, just some generalizations.
  12. This is the only narrative from Jesus' youth.
  13. Notice that Jesus does not sin and is submissive to his parents every step of the way.