Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Only Luke gives us the story of this pivotal figure John The Baptist.
  2. Zechariah and Elizabeth are a devout, but childless couple.
  3. Zechariah is chosen by lot, but the decision is the Lord's (Proverbs 16:33).
  4. The angel Gabriel links John to the final promise of the older testament.
  5. Doubt costs Zechariah his voice.
  6. Elizabeth goes into seclusion as would her son.
  7. Mary is given a most holy task.
  8. Gabriel is dispatched once again to bear good news.
  9. Mary has questions and we are reminded of the power of the Holy Spirit and signs are given to confirm these miraculous words concerning her cousin Elizabeth.
  10. The contrast is beautiful... Elizabeth is old and barren, Mary is young and virginal and God is the giver of life.
  11. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth begins to exclaim the truth and speak of the favor she now receives as the mother of her Lord visits.
  12. Sometimes you cannot help but sing.
  13. John The Baptist is born and the relatives are shocked by the name.
  14. Zechariah confirms the name and the silence is broken and filled with the Holy Spirit he began to prophesy. It must have been quite the scene.