Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. The celebration of Passover is significant in our understanding of the meaning and purpose of Jesus' death.
  2. Jesus affection for the disciples is linked to this Passover meal.
  3. Jesus willingly embraced his humiliation.
  4. Jesus warns them that everything is about to change.
  5. Angels are minsters.
  6. Jesus calls out the mob for acting under cover of darkness.
  7. Imagine the emotion associated when Peter's eyes met Jesus' eyes in his third denial.
  8. The council was known as the Sanhedrin.
  9. Jesus faced two trials: Jewish and Roman.
  10. They accuse Jesus of sedition, forbidding taxes, and claiming to be king.
  11. Pilate tries to get out of it and Herod later loses patience and plays to the crowd.
  12. With Pilate's political career in the balance, he concedes to the crowd's wishes.
  13. Jesus is saying that they should weep for themselves and not for him.
  14. Jesus prays for mercy, grace, and forgiveness for his murderers.
  15. The thief made a confession of faith because of his sin and the redeemer.
  16. Committed to the Father for vindication having finished his work.
  17. The people mourned as they left the spectacle.