Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Politics and popularity are still strong motivators.
  2. Love, devotion, and sacrifice are things to be emulated.
  3. It would be unusual to find a man carrying water.
  4. Jerusalem was very crowded at the time.
  5. In Judas' act, we see concurrence – the sovereignty of God and the will of man.
  6. Jesus made no counter arguments.
  7. Imagine the sorrow Peter felt when he realized what he had done in denying Jesus.
  8. Barabbus wanted political freedom and Jesus wanted to give the people spiritual freedom.
  9. To know Simon of Cyrene's children indicates a more intimate relationship to this man. Most scholars agree that this is who Paul speaks of in Romans 16.
  10. Jesus cries out of the agony of forsakenness.
  11. A hardened Roman soldier could see Jesus was the Son of God.
  12. Joseph took a risk in asking for Jesus' body.
  13. Joseph wanted to give Jesus a proper burial.