Revelation 22

They Will See His Face

The angel shows John the river of life that flows from God’s throne and throughout the new Jerusalem. On the banks of the river grows the tree of life which will be enjoyed because the work of salvation is completed. The tree bears fruit abundantly, and the leaves of the tree will be used for the healing of the nations. The curse of sin is finally removed, but the thing that will make heaven such a beautiful place will be the face of the Lord Jesus Christ. Moses was not allowed to see the face of God, but in heaven, it will be the glorious privilege of the redeemed to look directly into the face of Jesus. Jesus' face in glory will be a human face because he has forever taken a body to himself since he added our humanity to his deity in the incarnation. Nothing will stand between the king and his servants. Those who belong to Jesus will bear his name and worship him. Night will be expelled for God gives light to his people. 

I Am The Bright Morning Star

The angel who has served as a guide speaks to John about the nature of this revelation. It is faithful and true. It is reliable and accurate. God guarantees this revelation. The Lord has dispatched his angel to show his servants what will soon take place. Jesus' second advent is imminent; he is coming soon, and there is a blessing for the one who heeds the words of this prophecy. John is so overwhelmed by the revelation and the sights that he falls down at the feet of the angel in worship, but the angel rebukes him for his behavior explaining that God alone is to be worshiped. The angel will not rob God of his glory for he is a fellow servant. John is told not to seal up these words because the time is near and God intends for these words to be published. Evil will continue, but it is on borrowed time because of the imminence of God's return. The returning Christ will judge everyone according to what they have done. Jesus is set apart from all of creation as the Alpha and Omega of all things. Those who have been made clean by Christ will have access to the holy city and the tree of life. The negative reality is pictured by those who are left outside and have no access to the city. Jesus authorized his angel to testify about these things to the churches. Jesus is the rightful heir to David's throne and a new day has dawned. The Spirit of God and the bride of Christ call for the thirsty to come and drink of the water of life freely. The only condition is to come thirsty for God. God’s message of salvation is found in the Bible, and it must not be tampered with in any way. Any alteration will bring a curse. Jesus is coming again, and he is coming soon. To this, every Christian says yes and amen longing for Jesus' return. John closes reminding the reader that we all depend on the grace of the Lord Jesus.

Things To Consider:

  • How does the river of life and the tree of life point back to Genesis?
  • Why must we remember Jesus is the Lamb?
  • How did Jesus remove the curse of sin?
  • Why do the servants of Jesus bear his name?
  • How do the people of God bear his name today?
  • Why is it noteworthy that we will see Jesus' face?
  • Jesus wants his people to know that he will return soon?
  • Why did the angel rebuke, John?
  • How do we misplace our worship today?
  • Why does judgment accompany Christ's return?
  • Why does Jesus have to be descended from David?
  • Why is the water available without price?
  • Why must we be careful not to alter God's word?
  • How should we live in light of Jesus' imminent return?