Isaiah 9:1-7

Darkness Gives Way To Light

Distress, anguish, and thick darkness describe the shroud enveloping the people because they have rejected God. Chapter nine announces that the gloom and anguish of God's judgment will not be permanent. There is a new dawn approaching when the region greatly oppressed and most influenced by pagan cultures will be made glorious. Galilee will be honored, and the nations will be affected. Thick darkness would give way to light for the people would see a great light. The light of the Messiah would expand the kingdom and bring great joy. The people would rejoice as if they had won a significant battle or gathered a bountiful harvest. Messiah's coming would be a day of deliverance. Messiah will set his people free, shattering the yoke and the rod of the oppressor. Messiah will save his people as he did on the day when Midian was delivered into the hands of Gideon and the hordes were crushed. Messiah will bring peace and the equipment of war will be consigned to the fire.

A Child Is Born

The light and the glory described will be ushered in by the birth of a child. A son will bring great light, joy, and peace. It is important to note that a child would be born, but the son is given. Christ was sent as the gift to deliver his people because salvation is from the Lord. The virgin birth made it possible for Christ unite deity and humanity without sin. Christ fulfilled the promise that our adversary would be crushed by the seed of a woman. Messiah would be called the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. Messiah's kingdom will expand and never end. Justice and righteousness are established and maintained in his kingdom. Messiah would be a descendant of David, but he is the greater than David who will sit on his throne forever. Only the zeal of the Lord of hosts could fulfill these great promises.

Things To Consider:

  • Why do we need Christ's light?
  • Why is it important to recognize that Jesus is for the nations?
  • Why do people walk in darkness?
  • Who is the oppressor that Christ has freed us from?
  • How does this fulfill God's promise from Genesis 3?
  • Do you seek Christ's wise counsel regularly? Why or why not?
  • How does Christ give you peace?
  • Why must we see that salvation comes from the Lord?
  • Why did God do this?
  • What is God zealous for?