Revelation 20

They Will Reign With Him

John sees an angel from heaven appears with a key and a chain. The key is to the bottomless pit, and the chain is for binding Satan and casting him into the pit. Satan is not seized by God; it is this unnamed angel who has authority over the pit and sufficient power to bind the ancient serpent. The enemy will not deceive the nations for a thousand years. Imagine the scene as one angel binds the fallen angel, casts him into the pit and seals it. Satan is dominated, and although he may be at work, he is restrained from doing his worst, and he cannot destroy the church. The enemy cannot gather the nations for war until God allows him to mobilize them for war, for God controls the end and every moment is a part of his plan. John sees thrones and the ones seated on those thrones would soon have justice. The souls of those who were proved faithful to the end when they were executed for holding to Christ and the word of God. These martyrs refused to worship the beast, his image, or wear his marks. These martyrs who belong to Christ enjoyed a blessedness because they were a part of the first resurrection because they will reign with Christ and the second death will have no effect on them. 

Released From His Prison

At the end of the millennium, Satan will be released for one final, terrible assault. During this time, he will be allowed to do what he had previously been unable to do, namely, deceive the nations and gathers them once again for a battle and this time it will be on a much larger scale. The evil host will take their position for war against the people of God. They will be like the sand of the sea. The stage is set for a great battle, but no such thing takes place. Instead, the wicked are annihilated by fire from heaven which consumes them in an instant. Satan’s final rebellion will end in him being cast eternally into the lake of fire with the beast and the false prophet.

A Great White Throne

John sees the awesome sight of a great throne occupied by the one from whom the earth and sky flee without any place to go. Everyone will give an account to the righteous judge. This final judgment will show that judgment belongs to Christ as the people are judged by what is contained in the books which will show what they have done in this life. Jesus is just in all his dealings, and people will receive exactly what is deserved. 

Every deed which a man has ever performed, every word he has ever spoken, every thought he has ever conceived, every ambition he has ever cherished, and every motive that has ever prompted him to action or to inaction, will be laid bare, for himself and for all to see.
— William Hendriksen

The book of life contains the names of all those who know the Lord, and for those whose names are not there, they will suffer everlasting punishment. Everything is powerless before God and the end of days will reveal the strict division between heaven and the lake of fire.

Things To Consider:

  • Why is it significant that another angel will bind Satan?
  • What does this remind us of regarding Satan's origin and nature?
  • Why is deception his weapon?
  • What lies does Satan tell us about God?
  • How is Satan bound now?
  • Why is Satan limited by God?
  • How will the final battle prove God's power of the enemy?
  • Why is justice important to God?
  • What do the books have to say about you?
  • How do you know?
  • Why does the second death prove powerless against Christians?
  • How do you feel about the description of the great white throne judgment? Why?