2 Corinthians 5

We Make It Our Aim To Please Him

Paul is confident as he awaits resurrection life in the midst of groaning and longing for the heavenly dwelling. Paul uses the imagery of buildings and clothing to show that there is an eternal existence to come. God has prepared his people, and the Holy Spirit is the guarantee of the life to come so that the believer can be of real courage. Whatever circumstances Paul finds himself in, his only aim is to please the Lord for one day everyone will appear before the judgment seat of Christ and receive what is due. 

All This Is From God

In light of these truths, Paul seeks to persuade others, not by commending themselves, but because the love of Christ controls him. Those who boast in outward appearance do not understand that God is concerned with the heart. Those who belong to Christ no longer live for themselves, they live for Christ. The demands of the gospel are to live for Christ because without his death and resurrection; there is no eternal life. Christ died and was raised, and that changes everything. Paul does not see people the same way anymore because if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation and they have been reconciled to God through Christ who has also given them the ministry of reconciliation and made them his ambassadors and the secondary means of God's appeal. Christ was made to be sin so that those who have been reconciled to God might become the righteousness of God. Paul wants to persuade them to receive the grace of God because today is the day of salvation.

Things To Consider:

  • How does spiritual renewal take place when the outer self is wasting away?
  • How can we keep an eternal perspective?
  • What should the aim of the Christian be? Why?
  • How do you feel about the judgment seat of Christ? Why?
  • How can one be persuasive and winsome at the same time?
  • Why must our pride be set aside in proclaiming the gospel?
  • How can you be controlled by the love of Christ?
  • How is one reconciled to God?
  • Do you see yourself as an ambassador for Christ? Why?
  • Why did Christ become sin?