Isaiah 55

Seek The Lord

God's invitation is published, and no one is left off the list. He bids the thirsty, the poor, and the unfulfilled to come to him because he will freely supply the needs of all people. God asks why anyone would look for satisfaction in things that cannot satisfy. The people would have to listen and come to the Lord for the only food that will satisfy the soul. The Lord offers the words of life, and those who would come must hear those words in order to find life for their souls. This new life would be a part of a new covenant that included the blessings that were promised to David. The covenant God made with David included the eternal rule of one who would sit on David's throne. The Messiah would be a descendant of David.  Jesus would be a witness, leader, and commander for the people. The salvation given by the Messiah would be offered to Gentiles, and they would respond by running to the Lord. These people will understand God's purpose and glorify Jesus. God has always been for the nations. The Lord told Abraham that all nations would be blessed through him and his seed. The Servant King would be glorified, and Gentiles will bow before him. Salvation is the result of repenting and believing. The Lord must be sought with the intention of submitting to his rule and reign. The people must turn from their sin and look to the Lord. Wicked deeds, as well as evil thoughts, must be forsaken if the people are to return to the Lord and find forgiveness. God is gracious, and he will abundantly pardon the penitent. God is transcendent, and so his thoughts and ways are very different from the ways of the wicked. God's thoughts are so transcendent that they are infinitely above our own. As precipitation replenishes the earth in the physical realm, so the word of God will fulfill God’s plans, and it will never return empty. Those who respond to God’s invitation will enjoy salvation, and even creation will rejoice. 

Things To Consider: 

  • How is water pointing to salvation?
  • Why can't salvation be purchased?
  • Why can't things or people ultimately satisfy us?
  • Why is repentance necessary for forgiveness?
  • Why does God have to make any everlasting covenant?
  • Who did Jesus witness about?
  • Why would God include Gentiles in his salvation story?
  • Why must we give ourselves to God's word?
  • How will creation be restored?