Hosea 14

Repentance And Healing

Hosea concludes with a call to repentance for the people of Israel and describes what the Lord would do for his people if they would return to him. The people must return because they have forsaken God and their sin made them stumble. The people of Israel would need to confess their sins, ask for forgiveness, and turn from their wicked ways in real repentance. It is from a contrite heart that right sacrifices are offered. The people must look to God for their salvation. The world with its power and solutions does not solve Israel's national problems. Neither Assyria nor any military force would save the people. Israel would have to renounce her idolatry and no longer call images made with hands gods. God is a merciful father, and those who repent will find forgiveness. God is kind, and Israel's repentance would heal them of their apostasy. God would set his affections on his people and love them freely. True repentance would turn God's anger away from Israel. God would bless his people and preserve them. Israel would blossom once again as a nation and find stability instead of stumbling around in sin. Israel would see an increase and the beauty of the nation would be restored. Israel would not only be a tree, but she would also be a garden. Israelites would prosper in the shade as a nation. They would flourish and have a renown like the wine of Lebanon which was celebrated. Israel must not continue in idolatry. God would look after his people and care for them. God is Israel's shelter and refuge, and he supplies and nourishes his people. The wise and understanding would discern Hosea's message. The ways of the Lord revealed in his word must be obeyed. The righteous walk in the ways of the Lord, but the transgressors will stumble. 

Things To Consider:

  • How does call us to repentance today?
  • How does sin cause us to stumble?
  • If God knows our sin, why must we confess it?
  • Where are places that we misplace our trust?
  • How is God's wrath satisfied?
  • Why do we look to idols?
  • How is God the source of what we receive?
  • What is wisdom?
  • Why must we walk in God's ways?
  • How does our response to God's commands indicate the condition of our soul?