Micah 4

The Latter Days

Micah speaks of a day of glory that would come after God's judgment on Judah when Zion would be exalted. Isaiah and Micah both speak of the day when Zion will be raised above all other mountains. Zion is a relatively small mountain, so its greatness has nothing to do with its physical features. Its greatness would be due to it being God’s dwelling place. The nations will flock to Zion after it is exalted as people go to Jerusalem to learn God’s ways. The world will be transformed, and warfare will become a thing of the past. Micah is not offering a false hope because the Lord of hosts has spoken and it will come to pass. It will reach complete fulfillment when the kingdom of God comes in all its glory. The people of God must commit to trust and obey the Lord even though the nations follow their own false gods.


A day will come when God will restore his people who have been punished. They are lame and afflicted because of God’s punishment, but God will strengthen his people. The Lord will reign over his people and make those who were cast off into a strong nation. Zion would have its former dominion restored. Messiah will rule to the ends of the earth. Micah asks an uncomfortable and rhetorical question about their crying aloud. The people are crying because they are under attack and they are in pain because the Babylonian army is forcing them out of Jerusalem. They will be exiled to Babylon, but God will deliver them out of Babylon. The Lord would come and rescue his people. The nations will assemble to destroy the city and boast in their victory. God has other plans, and these nations who have assembled against Zion do not understand that God was gathering them to the place where they would meet their doom. God is behind the enemy’s action even though they are unaware of it and he will devastate them. The enemy is gathered like sheaves that are on the threshing floor. They will soon be under the hoofs as Israel threshes them. Jerusalem will wage war against their enemies and devote the spoils to God who will provide the victory.

Things To Consider:

  • Why is it difficult to wait for the Lord?
  • Is it difficult for you to trust God's timing? Why or why not?
  • Why does it matter that all nations will come to the Lord?
  • Why will there be peace when God rules?
  • Why must we walk in God's ways?
  • Why does God offer grace to his disobedient people?
  • Why do we sometimes forget God when we suffer?
  • How does God redeem his people?
  • How does the world misunderstand God's plan through Jesus?
  • Why do we look to government and politics for salvation?
  • Who is the source of all things?
  • How should we view our material possessions?