Micah 1

Listen And Pay Attention

The word of the Lord came to Micah about things concerning Samaria and Jerusalem. Micah calls all the people to listen and pay attention as he depicts a courtroom scene in which God is judge, plaintiff, and witness. The whole earth will is served a summons to be a part of the proceedings. The Sovereign Lord will make his pronouncements from his holy temple. The Lord would soon descend from his place and tread upon the high places of the earth. The presence of the high king of heaven will cause the mountains to melt. God's people would face his wrath for their apostasy and rebellion. Samaria, the fortified capital of the northern kingdom, would be turned into a rubbish heap. The walls would be destroyed all the way to the foundation. Samaria's idols would be beaten into pieces. This impending judgment caused a visceral response from Micah. He would lament and wail over these punishments that God would soon execute. Micah would dress in a way that pictured defeat and humiliation. Micah's anguish would be audible as if animals were crying out in their distress. The devastation experienced by Samaria would also come to Judah. The wounds were infectious, hence incurable. The fall of Samaria signaled the end for Judah which broke Micah's heart. Micah uses a quotation from a lament over the death of Saul in which David did not wish for the enemies of Judah to hear of the tragedy which had befallen Israel’s king. Micah urges the people of Beth-le-aphra to roll themselves in dust as an act of mourning. The people of Shaphir were to dress as one who was a fugitive or a prisoner. The inhabitants of Zaanan do not come out at all. The people of Maroth were waiting anxiously for some sign of relief, but none would come and their prayers would not be answered because the Lord had brought the disaster. The people would not be able to run and they would go away under the authority of another. Extreme mourning is urged for Jerusalem because of what would happen to the children of delight.

Things To Consider:

  • Why do you think God continued to messengers to his people when they would not listen?
  • Why must God judge?
  • How can we stand before God's judgment without being destroyed?
  • What are some of your high places and idols?
  • How should we respond when we sin?
  • How should we respond when we see others walking in sin around us?
  • Why does sin lead to exile?