2 Samuel 7

A Noble Idea

Israel is united, the kingdom is established, David lives in a home, and the nation is enjoying rest from the surrounding enemies. There is no question that God is with David as Israel enjoys an unprecedented period in her history. One would think that David would be at peace, but that is not the case. David is troubled because he has a house of cedar while the ark of God dwells in a tent and he tells the prophet, Nathan, that he would like to build a house for the ark. This idea pleased Nathan who encourages David to proceed because the Lord was with him. Nathan acts presumptuously, and he learns that although it is a noble idea, God does not want David to build a house for the ark. Nathan goes back to David to share the word of the Lord. He explains that God never asked for a house and since the days of the exodus, he was content to have the ark of God dwell in a tent. 

A Covenant With David

David would not build the house for the ark of God, but God was going to establish a covenant with this king. God chose David to be the ruler of his people, brought him from the pasture to the palace, and gave him victories over his enemies. God was going to do even more for this shepherd king. God would make David's name great, Israel would enjoy a rest from their enemies, and God would establish a dynasty for David. God would establish the kingdom for one of David’s direct descendants who would build a house for God’s name. The throne of David's kingdom would be established forever, and this son would also relate to God as a son who he would discipline with the rod of divine judgment, but the covenant faithfulness of God would remain. David's house, kingdom, and throne would be made sure forever.

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

David moved by these promises, and he went into the tent where the ark of God was and sat before the Lord. David begins his prayer with the humble acknowledgment that God brought him to the position he enjoyed. David marvels at God's power and his goodness for there is no one like God and it was by his power and his mighty acts that Israel was redeemed. God's name is great, and he called his people Israel to himself forever. David calls upon God to confirm forever the word which he had just spoken through his servant. God's name would be magnified forever.

Things To Consider:

  • How do we know if we should take on a project or ministry?
  • How can we know if we are to act on good ideas? 
  • Do you pray about every opportunity in your life? Why?
  • Do you think it was difficult for Nathan to return with this news?
  • Do you think it was humbling since he had already signed off on the project?
  • If sincerity and a desire to do good are not enough, what are we to do?
  • God does not grant David's request, but he still blesses him. Why?
  • Why is this such a significant prophecy as it relates to Jesus?
  • How did Jesus fulfill all these things?