Exodus 2

A Son Is Born

God works in and through families even in times of persecution, population control, birth, and death. A man and a woman from the house of Levi got married and had two children before the murderous law of Pharaoh was issued. God continued to bless their union and when they conceived and bore a son they hid him because of their faith in God (Hebrews 11:23). After three months, it was impossible to conceal the child, so they took measures to keep him hidden and safe. They made special provision for him and constructed a watertight basket to hide Moses among the bulrushes of the Nile. Miriam safeguarded the ark in which her brother lay. Imagine the fear that gripped Miriam on the day the princess came to bathe and found the basket. The princess knew what was going on, but was willing to bring Moses up under her guardianship because God gave Moses favor and he was nursed by his mother. Moses’ parents exercised faith in God, believing that he was able to work out all things for them. Faith was tested by Pharaoh’s decree, and God gave this family grace for the trial. Providence guided Pharaoh’s daughter to the right spot at the right time to find Moses in his basket. God’s timing is always right. Who could have imagined that God’s redeemer would have been raised and trained in the palace of the king who was oppressing his people?


The first forty years of Moses' life passes without much detail before the story abruptly moves forward. During these years, Moses is instructed in the ways of the Egyptians, and he learns the history of his people. It is little wonder that the sight of an Egyptian beating a Hebrew made him angry. With no one around to see, Moses murders the Egyptian and hides the body in the sand. Trying to reconcile two argumentative Hebrews the following day, he is shocked to hear that they know of the manslaughter and this revelation forces him to leave immediately. Pharaoh hears of Moses' actions, and he sought to kill him. Moses makes his way to Midian where he rescues a group of women from shepherds who tried to drive them from some water troughs. These women were the seven daughters of Reuel, a priest of Midian. One of Jethro's daughters becomes Moses' wife. God blessed their union and gave them a son who was named Gershom. Another forty years passes before God sets Moses apart to do his work. 

God Is Working

While Moses was gone from Egypt, the people of God were still suffering under oppression, but God heard their groaning, and he remembered his covenant. God loves his people, and he knows the needs of his people. While men are plotting the ruin of God’s people, God is working salvation. A Hebrew apparently marked for obscurity and poverty is destined to rise to be an unlikely prince before the world to show God’s power. Even enemies may be used to carry out God’s purposes.

Thing To Consider:

  • How does God work in families?  
  • When should we disobey the law?  
  • How should we care for our family?  
  • Why is it wrong to murder (the law had not been given yet)?
  • How does God work through the enemies of his people?
  • How should Moses have responded to the Egyptian beating a slave?
  • Why do you think God allowed Moses to respond with murder?
  • Why does it matter that God is personal and aware of our circumstances?