Exodus 11

A Grim Prophecy


Blood was followed by frogs, gnats, flies, livestock death, boils, hail, locusts, and darkness. Nine times God displayed his power to Pharaoh over Egypt with all her gods and nine times Pharaoh refused to obey the decree of the Almighty. Pharaoh told Moses that if he saw him again, it would result in his death. Before Moses departed for the last time, the Lord spoke of one last plague that would lead to the Israelites release. The Israelites were to ask their neighbors for valuable objects which fulfilled the promise God made to Abraham. The Lord granted the people favor and Moses was highly esteemed in the eyes of Pharaoh's servants and his own people. God declared that he would go through the land at midnight and every Egyptian home would experience the death of their firstborn. Every man, woman, and beast in Egypt would suffer under this last great and terrible plague. The last plague was not something that Moses was unaware of because God had spoken of it since their first encounter (Exodus 4:22–23). Egypt would be filled with the shrieking and wailing of the suffering and anguish that death brings with it. However, God would make such a distinction between Israel and Egypt that not even a dog would growl at Israel, God's firstborn son. The death of the firstborn would be the decisive blow that would bring about the surrender of the nation and Israel would be sent out. Pharaoh was still enraged, and his anger burned hot against this Hebrew. God reminds Moses that Pharaoh would not listen, but his glory would be displayed as God demonstrates his power of nations and kings. Sin brings death.

Things To Consider:

  • How do you think Moses felt about this being the last plague? Why?
  • How has God given you favor with those who should be at enmity with you?
  • Why is it important to recognize that God was coming into the midst of Egypt?
  • What are ramifications of God's presence for the Egyptians?
  • What is the implication for the Israelites?
  • What distinction does God make today?
  • Why is Pharaoh's heart dead?
  • Did God cause Pharaoh to sin? Why or why not?