Reading For Monday Joshua 1:1-18

Perhaps Joshua was filled with some apprehension about succeeding Moses at the age of ninety. Moses, who was still strong at the time of his death, said that he struggled to lead the people. God spoke to Joshua, who was to be the new intermediary for Israel. God encouraged Joshua, which must have bolstered his confidence. God also gave Joshua specific instructions. The plan to conquer Canaan had not changed or altered by the death of Moses. Joshua and the people were to pass over Jordan. God was about to give them the land and its possession was imminent. What was Joshua thinking when he assumed his new role as leader of God's people? He certainly must have been relieved to hear the Lord say that he would be with him the way he was with Moses. It was God that had led them this far, and it would be God that would lead them into the Land of Promise. The Lord instructs Joshua to be strong and of good courage which is reminiscent of a parent comforting a child that is facing a challenge.

God assured Joshua that he could count on the same divine assistance that Moses had received during his tenure as leader and Joshua had seen first hand God's supernatural intervention. The promises made to Joshua were conditional, and God repeated the charge to “be strong and courageous.” Joshua must have faith in God’s ability and trust that God would be faithful to his word. The command to the people was to gather up the supplies they might need to sustain them until they were established in Canaan. The command was given because within three days they would be crossing over Jordan to possess their inheritance with the promise that God would give them the land as their own possession. Joshua continues to exercise his authority as he speaks to the officers and the eastern tribes. 

The leaders of the eastern tribes immediately recognized Joshua's authority and agreed to honor their commitment. They would leave their families and march with their brothers until the victory was achieved. They would go wherever Joshua wished to send them. These leaders prayed for their new leader to see God's presence would be with him the way it was with Moses and reminded him of God's word to him individually and to them corporately. Joshua's burden was lightened when sustained by the prayers of his people, they exhortations to him according to the words of God. Those that make the Word of God their authority and consistently walk by that rule will do well and make progress. 

Thing To Consider:

  • How can we be encouraged in the Lord?  
  • How are we to be strong and courageous in our daily lives?  
  • Are there areas of disobedience in your life? Will you repent?  
  • Do you support your leaders in prayer? If so, what else will you do? If not, will you begin to pray for them?  
  • Why must we walk according to God's word?