Reading For Tuesday Exodus 19:1-20:21


A holy and righteous God must by nature have holy and righteous standards. Therefore, the attitude of those who would draw near to God should be one of humility and reverence for we are sinners in the presence of a holy and righteous God. We should make every effort to live as he requires, enabled by the Holy Spirit. The Law reveals God’s glory and holiness, shows the sinfulness of man, identifies Israel as God’s chosen people, gives the standard by which they would receive God's blessing, prepares them for Jesus, and gives pictures of the person and work of Christ.  

God spoke to Moses and reminded him of his power, protection, and patience. God called for Israel obey his voice and keep his covenant and if they met these conditions they would be his treasured possession, a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. Moses relayed these things to the elders and the elders expressed their desire to do everything the Lord said. Moses returned to tell the Lord what the people said. The glory of God was somewhat concealed by a thick cloud so, and the people could come close enough to be to hear his voice when he spoke with Moses on the mountain to underscore the authority of his servant. Moses returns and the people spend the next two days consecrating themselves in preparation for the descent of God on Sinai. The mount was off limits and any who came near, even animals, would be stoned or shot through with arrows. Only when the ram’s horn sounded was it safe for them to go up to the mountain.

God descended on Mt. Sinai with thunder and lightning, a thick cloud, the sound of a trumpet, fire and smoke, and an earthquake. Moses led the people forward to the base of the mount. The prophet spoke to God, and God answered him. What an awesome sight this must have been. If anyone saw God on that mountain, they would die. Even the priests had to consecrate themselves before they approached the Lord, or he would break forth in wrath against them. 

God was their redeemer and they were his people. Therefore, God had the right to govern them. God then gave them the Ten Commandments. The people were terrified at the sights and sounds of Sinai and rightly so. They kept their distance, and they requested that Moses be a mediator between them and God. The pictures of the gospel explode as one reads about this encounter. Moses assures the people that they had nothing to fear and that God was testing them. A healthy fear of God would help keep them from sinning. Moses then turned from the people and walked back up into the thick cloud that covered the mount, into the presence of God.  

Thing To Consider:

  • Why is it important to go back and recount the things that God has done in our lives?  
  • Why do you think it is important to tell us that God came down on the third day?  
  • Are the Ten Commandments still important? Why?  
  • How do we live them out today?  
  • Does keeping the commandments save you? Why?