Reading For Monday Luke 22:1-46

Passover is drawing near and things will begin to move quickly and in an unthinkable fashion. Instead of remembering what God had done for his people during this season of celebration, the religious leaders were plotting murder. God had visited his people and his people sought to kill him. One of his own went to visit the murderous lot to explore Jesus' betrayal. These leaders were happy to pay for Judas' services so that Jesus could be seized when there was no crowd around to witness the atrocity. 

The day of Unleavened Bread arrived and Jesus sent Peter and John to go and make the necessary preparations for the Passover meal. These two inquired about the location for the meal to be held and Jesus told them to look for a man carrying a jar of water. They were instructed to follow the man to the house he enters and explain that the teacher needs to know about the guest room. Jesus tells them that he will point them to a room that is furnished and they are to prepare the meal there. During this Passover meal, which is filled with significance, Jesus taught his disciples about a new covenant. Jesus professes that he has been eager to celebrate this meal with them and he tells them that this will be the last time that he celebrates it with them until the kingdom of God comes. He tells them that the bread represents his body and that the wine represents his blood. As this new revelation is explicated, Jesus makes a startling announcement. There is a betrayer in their midst and they wondered at who it might be. 

There arose a sharp dispute among the disciples about who was the greatest among them. Jesus reminded them that the kingdom of God is about being a servant and not just holding position and exercising authority. Jesus taught that the greatest Christian is the servant of all and to encourage his disciples, he told them that they would sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. Peter thought that he would go with Jesus to prison or even death. He did not sense the devil preparing to turn his life upside down and sift him as wheat. However, Jesus has prayed for him but Judas will not be the only betrayer. 

Christ reminded them that when he had sent them two-by-two into towns and villages with no money of their own. Jesus makes a puzzling statement about two swords telling the disciples that they were enough. Perhaps, he was using this opportunity to teach a non-violent response to evil. Gethsemane means olive press. It as much as any place would show us the terrible suffering the Lord would endure. He was pressed with grief and sadness as he anticipated not only the pain of crucifixion the next day, but also the greater suffering of separation from his Father. Jesus spoke to his Father in a way which clearly reveals the suffering of his soul. Jesus was in anguish and an angel came to strengthen him while his own disciples were sleeping and unable to pray for themselves or comfort him. Nevertheless, Jesus would submit himself to the Father's will. 

Things To Consider:  

  • What are ways that we can go through religious formalism and still harbor anger in our hearts?  
  • How do we betray Jesus daily?  
  • Does money have influence over our betrayal of Jesus? How?  
  • What does Passover picture?  
  • How is Jesus our Passover lamb?  
  • What is the new covenant?  
  • How do we get Kingdom ethics backwards?  
  • What does Jesus prayer teach us about his relationship with the father and how are we sleeping instead of praying?