Reading For Tuesday Matthew 14:22-36

Week 23

Tuesday – The Powerful King

Passage: Matthew 14:22–36

Verse of the Day: “He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.” (Matthew 14:29, ESV)

If it was late when the people were fed, then by this time evening was upon everyone and Jesus still had not yet had his time of solitude to mourn John the Baptist and pray to the Father. Jesus directed his disciples back into the boat to precede as they continued to their next destination. Solitude and prayer was a recurring practice for Jesus in spite of the fact that privacy was hard to come by. Meanwhile, the disciples were struggling in their small craft and fighting high winds. It is not uncommon for violent storms to descend on the Sea of Galilee without warning. This storm must have been intense. Many of the disciples grew up on the water and even they were frightened.

Somewhere between three and six in the morning, Jesus came walking to the disciples on the water. The disciples had no reason to expect him to come particularly on the water. The disciples cried out in fear, “It’s a ghost!” Jesus spoke words of comfort and encouragement to this dismayed group. Peter made a conditional request asking Jesus to command him to come out on the water as well and so he commanded Peter to come. Peter and the water both obeyed Jesus, and Peter began to walk on the water toward Jesus. It did not take long for Peter’s fledgling faith to waiver and Jesus allowed him to sink into a dark, angry sea. In that moment of sheer panic, Peter called out for Jesus to rescue him. In spite of the fact that Peter found himself at the end of self-reliance with nowhere else to turn but to the Lord. The Messiah answered Peter’s cry immediately took hold of him. Jesus then rebukes him because faith without the proper object is ineffective. The passengers of this boat recognized King Jesus and worshipped him. They knew that without a doubt that Jesus was the Son of God.

Jesus and his disciples completed their journey and as soon as the people there realized who had come to their town, word spread quickly. Once again Jesus was inundated with the sick seeking his healing. These people had the same kind of faith as the bleeding woman. They sought only to touch the edge of his cloak, begging him to let them touch his cloak. This touch brought healing to all who touched him. Such was the compassion and authority of the King over water, wind, waves, and disease. This King had power but he was kind and compassionate.

Things To Consider:
* What is solitude and do you practice it?
* Why is solitude such a struggle at times?
* What does Jesus demonstrate about his communion with the Father?
* Do you regularly seek God in prayer and do you long for more?
* Why does Jesus sometimes send us into the storm?
* Jesus is always speaking words of comfort and encouragement. Do you hear them? How? If not, why not?
* Why do we sometimes doubt Jesus in the storm?
* Are your eyes fixed on Jesus?
* Is he the object of your faith?