Reading For Monday Isaiah 51:1-23

The people were in captivity and struggling, so Isaiah encouraged the remnant to look to the rock from which they had been hewn, namely, Abraham. God blessed him beyond measure and history would repeat itself. Though the people were few in number, God would bless the remnant. Their devastated land would once again be like Eden, meaning that would come to be spiritually through the efforts of the Servant. Isaiah urged the discouraged remnant to be attentive to God’s teaching because its instruction would be a light for all people. God’s great purpose of salvation was approaching. The heavens and earth and its inhabitants will pass away, but God’s salvation is forever. Isaiah instructed the remnant to be bold and not fear the reproach of men. 

A prayer sounded toward heaven in order to wake up an indifferent and slumbering people. Isaiah reminded the people of what God had done in the past to look forward to what he would do in the future. God would redeem his people, and they would return with great rejoicing. The Creator who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth was the one who now comforted his people with promises of deliverance. Their oppressors would be short-lived. This is a declaration of the God who is sovereign over all things. The Lord did not need to be awakened, but the people did. The people of God were in a pathetic state. They are likened to a woman in a drunken stupor whose children are unable to rouse her. Zion had drained the cup of God’s wrath, and there was no indigenous son to give her guidance. Devastation had occurred during the siege of Jerusalem, and the whole nation was under the wrath of God. What news could possibly shake the people from their state of self-pity and depression? The good news that the cup of God’s wrath was about to be transferred to their oppressors.

Things To Consider:

  • Given their circumstances, do you think this would be welcome news or something to be skeptical of?  
  • Why would God comfort this rebellious people?  
  • Why does it matter that God's salvation is eternal?  
  • What are some ways that you need to be awakened?  
  • Are there some ways that you have forgotten God?  
  • Why is it necessary for God to plead our cause?  
  • How does Jesus plead your cause daily?