Reading For Tuesday 2 Kings 22:1-20

Josiah came to the throne at the tender age of eight, determined to steer his nation out of the worship of pagan gods. He led the last great reformation of the monarchy period. Josiah began the reform movement in his eighth year when he was just sixteen years old. He regularly sought the Lord, and it was during this period that Jeremiah was called to preach. The Reformation reached its climax when Josiah began to renovate the temple. While they were bringing out the money that had been stored in the temple, Hilkiah, the priest made a striking discovery. In one of the numerous temple storage areas, he found an ancient scroll. Hilkiah handed the scroll over to Shaphan, and he read enough of it to determine that the book was exceedingly valuable. He brought it to the attention of the king, and when Josiah heard the contents of the scroll, he was quite troubled. He tore his garments to demonstrate his sorrow. He appointed men to seek revelation from a prophet of God. The king wanted to know if judgment would be immediately fulfilled. Josiah recognized that the nation was guilty of the very things that were condemned in the law and given the grave threats that Moses had made against apostasy, the king perceived that the wrath of God was imminent.  A prophetess, named Huldah, was consulted and after examining the contents of the scroll, Huldah sent word that Josiah’s worst fears were justified. All the threats in the scroll would befall Jerusalem, and the wrath of God had been kindled because of this apostasy, but God had taken note of the piety of Josiah and the determined reformation effort that he had launched. Because the king had humbled himself when he had heard the message of the scroll, he received prophetic assurance that the threatened destruction of Judah would not occur during his reign. 

Things To Consider:

  • What does Josiah show us about being young and following God?  
  • Why does consistency matter? Why is it so difficult to maintain?  
  • Why was it so important for Josiah to renovate the temple?  
  • What does Josiah's reaction to hearing the scroll read aloud tell us about the way he viewed sin?  
  • Is God's judgment something that should be considered today? Why or why not?  
  • Why was Josiah's humility and brokenness important?  
  • Are you surprised by God's response? Why?