Reading For Wednesday 1 Kings 5:1-5; 6:1-13


Hiram, King of Tyre, heard that Solomon had succeeded his father and he dispatched ambassadors to congratulate the new king. Solomon indicated that he intended to work toward accomplishing the dream of his father by building a house for the name of Lord. The construction of the temple in Jerusalem would be one of the great achievements during Solomon's reign. Using plans designed by David, and the expertise of Phoenician craftsmen, Solomon went to work on this tremendous ancient work. The temple proper was a rather small building. However, the temple was never meant for the congregation of worshipers, but exclusively for the presence of God and the priests who ministered there. Worshipers congregated in the great courtyard that surrounded the temple. The stones used in the temple were probably hewn and prepared at the quarry so that no sound of any iron tool was heard at the temple site when the stones were brought together. The roof of the house, which was most likely flat, was made of beams and boards of cedar wood. During the building of the temple, God came to Solomon with a gracious promise. In effect, the divine word contained an implied commendation of Solomon for having begun such a monumental work. If Solomon continued to follow the direction of God, he would confirm the promise spoken to David and he would dwell in the midst of his people.

Thing To Consider:
* What does the support of another King tell us about the project?
* How does this project point to a new era for God's people?
* Why is the temple itself not very large? What is this meant to teach us about God's holiness?
* Why do you think Solomon did not allow the noise of tools to be heard on the site?
* Why should we take note that Gentiles helped in the building of the temple?