Reading For Monday 1 Kings 3:1-15

1 Kings 3:9 [widescreen].png

Solomon strengthened his position by arranging a marriage to Pharaoh’s daughter. This marriage was strictly political. Treaties between nations were customarily sealed by intermarriage of the two royal houses. Solomon loved God and walked according to the laws of God which David had kept and which he commanded his son to keep as well. While Solomon was at Gibeon, the Lord appeared to him in a dream. The new king was instructed to ask for whatever it was he might desire from God. Solomon’s reply was marked by both perception and piety. He began by acknowledging the great favor that God had bestowed on David by permitting his son to follow him on the throne. He then humbly confessed his inability to handle the tremendous undertaking that had been laid upon his shoulders. Solomon refers to himself as a little child. He was unsure of how to conduct himself as the new king. He also acknowledged that the nation had prospered to the point that the governance of it would be a major challenge even for an experienced leader. In light of these circumstances, Solomon asked God to give him a discerning heart that would qualify him to rule the people and to know the difference between what was true and false.

This response pleased God because Solomon could have asked for long life, or wealth, or victory over enemies. Instead, he had requested a gift that would enable him to better serve the needs of his people, so God granted his petition. Solomon’s wisdom would surpass all who had gone before him and all who would follow. Also, God gave the new king what he had not requested, but the blessing of long life had a condition attached. Solomon days be lengthened if continued to walk in the ways of God. Solomon awakened and discovered that he had been dreaming. However, this was no ordinary dream. This was a divine revelation that God gave to him. Solomon went immediately to the tent that housed the ark of the covenant and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings to the Lord in gratitude for the generous gift he had just received.

Things To Consider:

  • How would you assess the way Solomon began his reign?
  • How do we know that Solomon loved the Lord other than the fact that the text states it?
  • How do we see Solomon's generosity?
  • What place to dreams have today?
  • Why is humility essential in the way we come before the Lord especially in supplication?
  • How many places in the passage do you see Solomon's gratitude?