Reading For Tuesday 2 Samuel 7:1-17

Nathan’s support for David’s building plan was premature as the prophet learned the same night that it was not God’s will for David to build a temple to house the ark. Nathan was dispatched to deliver the news to David. The divine word began with two reminders. God had never requested a house and through the days of the Exodus God was content to dwell in a tent. Also, God had appointed David to be ruler over his people, and he had given him victory over his enemies. God made several specific promises to David. God would make David’s name great, David and God people’s would enjoy a rest from their enemies in a way they had not experienced since the days of the Judges, and God would build a house, i.e. a dynasty for David. 

Finally, Nathan’s Oracle outlined promises for David’s the future. God would establish the kingdom for one of David’s direct descendants, and it would be this future ruler that would build a house for God’s name. The throne of his kingdom would endure forever, and this ruler would occupy the position of a son in relationship to God. Because of this, he would be corrected with the disciplinary rod of divine judgment, but the covenant faithfulness of God would not depart from him. The house, kingdom, and throne of David would endure forever. This eternal covenant between the Lord and David cannot be overemphasized, and these words were essential in developing the messianic expectations that were fulfilled in Jesus. The hopes that were raised by the Lord’s words, namely that God would place a seed of David on an eternal throne and establish a kingdom that would never perish were words that no monarch ever satisfied, or could even have hoped to satisfy. These promises point beyond David’s son Solomon to Jesus. Jesus is a son of David, and he is God’s only begotten and loved son. He is currently building a spiritual temple. On the cross, Jesus experienced the disciplinary rod of God, not for his own sins, but the sins of others and he is now seated at the right hand of God in the heavenly places.

Thing To Consider:

  • How do we know if we should take on a project or ministry?  
  • Did Nathan and David ask the Lord about this building project? Do you pray about every ministry, project, and activity in your life? Why? 
  • Do you think it was difficult for Nathan to deliver this news to David? Do you think it was humbling since he had already signed off on the project? 
  • If sincerity and a desire to do good are not enough, what are we to do? 
  • God does not grant David's request, but he still blesses him. Why? 
  • Why is this such a significant prophecy as it relates to Jesus? How did Jesus fulfill all these things?