Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Emmaus is about 7 miles from Jerusalem.
  2. These disciples were evidently not part of the eleven.
  3. These disciples were "kept" from recognizing Jesus.
  4. We had hoped... they did not understand and people still have difficulty understanding.
  5. They struggled to believe.
  6. Jesus gave them a tour of the entire bible and showed them that the whole thing is about God's plan for Jesus and the rescue of sinners.
  7. When Jesus blessed the food, they finally "saw" him.
  8. Immediately they rushed back to tell the disciples.
  9. Jesus first words are of peace as He is the Prince of Peace.
  10. Jesus again rebukes them for their unbelief and shows them that he is not a ghost.
  11. Jesus resurrection was a bodily resurrection.
  12. He opened their minds and explained the gospel.
  13. He sent them to proclaim the gospel and they went out with joy.