Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection.
  2. The Sabbath was about to begin at Jesus' death and so proper burial preparation had not been accomplished and they wanted to show respect and devotion to the one they loved.
  3. The tomb was basically a hollowed out cave.
  4. The initial response to angels is usually fear.
  5. Jesus' resurrection results in the command to go and tell others.
  6. "Tell Peter" was significant for Mark because he collaborated with Peter.
  7. Fear, joy, shock, astonishment – all of these things would have flooded and overwhelmed them and it was difficult to find the words.
  8. The testimony of women had little credibility and it is significant that word first came to these women.
  9. Jesus' followers struggled to believe even with his presence among them.
  10. The proclamation of the gospel is not a personal testimony, it is the announcement of the person and the ministry of Jesus, and of how the benefits of His life and death can be appropriated by faith.
  11. Jesus did not come into a world of innocent people, he came into a world of condemned sinners.