Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Resolution and closure comes about in this section.
  2. There is a connection from when the disciples were first called to follow and where they are now – fishing.
  3. They decided to catch some food while they were waiting, but with all their experience they couldn't catch a thing.
  4. This is bringing closure to the old life and past failure.
  5. Jesus is calling them to something greater.
  6. Fellowship around a meal should always be a sacred endeavor – whether you eat or drink.
  7. The bible is not full of a bunch of people who are important and have it all together, rather it is full of nobodies and people have failed spectacularly at times.
  8. Jesus is not asking Peter for an apology or a commitment rather he is establishing that this is about love.
  9. Jesus is showing Peter that it is not about his bravado and strength but that he must rely on Jesus .
  10. This relationship of love comes with the responsibility for service.
  11. The call to follow is the call to die.
  12. John says that he saw it and that Jesus is glorious and cannot be contained – we beheld (saw) his glory.