Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Paul’s final discourse explains the power of the gospel message. Because of the resurrection, Jesus is king over both Jew and Gentile and will deliver both from the power of sin and death.
  2. Festus acknowledges Paul's wisdom and intellect but proclaims him as being insane.
  3. Agrippa says that he needs more time to think about what Paul has said.
  4. In spite of the fact that they know Paul does not deserve death, they must send him to Rome.
  5. Paul unlike Jonah sails in obedience.
  6. The cohort was for security and to guarantee that there would be no escape.
  7. The storm and consequently the shipwreck afforded Paul the opportunity to share the gospel.
  8. Paul is not a "normal" prisoner and assumes leadership.
  9. The prophecy would be authenticated to show that Paul was indeed an ambassador for the one true God.
  10. Paul shows that the source of his courage and confidence was in God and not in his own abilities.
  11. The events on Malta continue to confirm that Paul is a messenger of God.
  12. Their polytheism demonstrates the Gentile confusion and the need for gospel clarity.
  13. God provides safe passage and the encouragement to complete his mission.
  14. Even the fact that Paul was a prisoner could not thwart the plan of God.