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Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Paul's third missionary journey had come to an end.
  2. Paul would no longer be a free man in the subsequent narrative of Acts. He would be in chains, but the chains would be unable to prevent him from witnessing to the truth.
  3. The doctrine of the resurrection divides the religious leaders of the Jews.
  4. Jesus himself encourages Paul and tells him that he will testify in Rome even though there is a plot to kill him.
  5. The plot to kill Paul had many involved and they took an oath.
  6. Paul reaches out to the Gentiles and we see God's sovereign hand at work even in government officials.
  7. The Jews hire an attorney and try to present Paul as rebellious and a threat to the peace.
  8. Paul states that the issue is doctrine, specifically over the resurrection.
  9. Felix was recalled to Rome and replaced with Festus, who was a more gifted leader.
  10. As a Roman citizen, Paul exercises his right to appeal to Caesar.
  11. Paul’s statement will answer why Christianity is legal but causes so much division and strife.