Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Stephen uses history to show the pattern of disobedience that these leaders are like their rebellious ancestors.
  2. Stephen even uses the same type of language to connect them with the wilderness generation.
  3. Stephen saw the glory of God and that strengthened him to endure death.
  4. Stephen fulfilled his mission and bore witness of Christ.
  5. Stephen "fell asleep" because the resurrection is real.
  6. God grows the church through opposites in Stephan and Saul.
  7. The gospel spreads to Samaria following the pattern set forth by Jesus.
  8. There was joy in the city because of the work Philip was doing.
  9. Simon does not understand that the Holy Spirit is subjected to the apostles but on the contrary the apostle's are subject to Him.
  10. Simon wanted the power, not to submit to it but rather to control it.
  11. The Ethiopian shows the scope of God's concern for all people.
  12. Upon belief, faith is seen in obedience.