Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. This is a continuation of the gospel of Luke.
  2. There were witnesses and many proofs over a period of forty days.
  3. The promise of the Father was the Holy Spirit.
  4. We should testify about Christ – proclaim the gospel.
  5. Jesus is coming back.
  6. Prayer was their practice, demonstrating their dependence as they waited for the Holy Spirit.
  7. Tongues should be seen as secondary and the fire, which was an indication of God's manifest presence, should be seen as primary.
  8. The city was flooded with people because of Pentecost.
  9. Christ's death has always been God's plan.
  10. Jesus is exalted at the Father's right hand.
  11. Conviction led the people to ask what they must do in order to deal with their sin.
  12. The demonstration of their conversion came through an apologetic that could be seen.