Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. John the Baptist is a wake up call.
  2. John has rough clothing and met a classic image of a prophet.
  3. John's reference to sandals speaks to the greatness of Jesus.
  4. The Spirit anointed Jesus' human nature.
  5. The time is fulfilled points to the fact that this is a moment prepared by God as a part of redemptive history.
  6. At hand = in time and person.
  7. Jesus is calling disciples which is one who is under the discipline of a tutor or rabbi.
  8. Jesus chose his disciples which was not the norm. Normally they applied and were thoroughly tested.
  9. A disciple was a servant.
  10. Jesus spoke with authority because he is the word of God.
  11. Demons know and recognize Jesus even in his incarnation.
  12. Revealing one's name is an act of submission.
  13. Many were coming only for physical relief.
  14. The leper was an evangelist in disobedience.
  15. Tax collectors worked on a commission basis.
  16. Old structures cannot bear up under the new.
  17. The Lord of the sabbath is the creator of the sabbath.