Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. This tells us some of those who ministered to Jesus from their own private means.
  2. A parable is a story told to teach a truth or communicate a moral lesson.
  3. The disciples don't understand so Jesus explains.
  4. There is no neutrality concerning the scripture.
  5. Family is defined by grace.
  6. The storm new the voice of it's creator.
  7. What category can Jesus be put in? – God
  8. The man was free and Jesus gave him a mission.
  9. Jairus showed humility and brokenness when he fell at the feet of Jesus.
  10. One woman had twelve years of joy, the other had twelve years of suffering.
  11. Jesus saw what everyone else overlooked.
  12. Jesus calls her daughter and commends her faith.
  13. Jesus reminds us that death is not final.
  14. Crying and mourning turned to laughter.
  15. He told her parents to tell no one unlike what he told the demoniac earlier.