Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Matthew moves quickly to adulthood in chapter three.
  2. God remembers and keeps his promises. The final words of the older testament spoke of John the Baptist.
  3. John's call was to repentance.
  4. The Jews practiced baptism but it was for proselytes that were converting to Judaism.
  5. Ancestry does not ensure a relationship with God.
  6. Religion cannot save one from sin.
  7. Jesus' baptism was for identification, not repentance. Jesus had no reason to repent because he was without sin.
  8. The Son has the Father's approval and he brings the Father great pleasure.
  9. The Father decrees, the Son accomplishes, and the Spirit applies.
  10. The same Spirit that descended is the same Spirit that led Jesus to the wilderness.
  11. The forty day fast is connected Israel being delivered from Egypt.
  12. Jesus would be tempted as Adam was tempted and yet Jesus would not be led into sin.
  13. The temptations relate to Jesus' deity.
  14. The word of God is the weapon for these assaults.
  15. One angel leaves (the devil) and other angels come to minister.
  16. Isaiah's prophecy is fulfilled and Jesus preaches repentance.
  17. Jesus calls his disciples and then as he begins to minister his fame spreads and the crowds grow.