Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. The disciples training was not just in a classroom.
  2. Self interest is not the life of a disciple.
  3. The Father is pleased with the Son.
  4. Jesus was not only aware of his mission but resolute (Luke 9:51).
  5. It can be difficult to fathom the level of sacrifice expected for a follower of Christ especially in America.
  6. Passover was a picture, Jesus is the substance.
  7. Don't misunderstand – Judas was responsible and his sin was evident.
  8. Jesus explains the grounds of the new covenant.
  9. The garden is the moment where gravity of the cup of God's wrath is understood.
  10. Jesus understands unanswered prayer.
  11. Jesus greatest desire was to please and obey his father.
  12. Betrayed by Judas, betrayed by Peter.
  13. Jesus' trial was a joke.