Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Jesus is gracious and knows of daily needs.
  2. The demand for a sign was hostile and he had shown them many already.
  3. The disciples were prone to forgetfulness and doubt.
  4. Leaven is any influence that corrupts.
  5. This blind man is the only instance of not an immediate and complete healing. Why did it happen? I don't know but Jesus power is limitless and I think the clue was before when talking with the disciples – they were still dim in their understanding.
  6. Confession of Christ is the foundation of the church.
  7. Peter is not the devil but this discussion reflects the offer made by the devil namely do it this way instead of God's way.
  8. Disciples must be willing to endure suffering for the way of the cross is the way of death.
  9. The transfiguration is a small picture of his exaltation.
  10. The father's prayer in Mark 9 is one of my most regularly repeated prayers – help my unbelief.
  11. Jesus redefines greatness.
  12. There is to be unity among believers.
  13. Hell is real and terrible.
  14. Marriage was designed and instituted by God – He has defined it.
  15. Go and sell everything is not a universal command but rather a heart assessment.
  16. The kingdom of God is of infinitely greater value than wealth.
  17. The blind can "see" that Jesus is the son of David.
  18. Simon was a former leper.
  19. Jesus is giving the fact that his death is close for perfume does not last forever.
  20. Betrayal came to Jesus in many forms – friends and family.