Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. What a privilege for these three disciples to see Jesus transfigured.
  2. Moses and Elijah are both there perhaps to represent the law and the prophets.
  3. These were both included at the end of Malachi.
  4. Interesting that Jesus asks them to keep it to themselves that Jesus is raised.
  5. Jesus' response to the suffering father and the disciples is not expected.
  6. Jesus knows what mission is before him and continually reminds his followers.
  7. Jesus submitted the tax even if it was not quite equitable.
  8. Matthew wants us to see the connection between the fulfillment of prophecy and Jesus' triumphant entry.
  9. Jesus' true triumph would not be so easily recognized.
  10. The people recognize Jesus as a prophet but that is not enough – He is God.
  11. He is greeted like a king, called a prophet, and then cleanses the temple like a zealous priest.
  12. The fig tree has no fruit and can be symbolic of sin as in Jeremiah 8:13.
  13. The challenge of authority stems out of rivalry.
  14. The refusal to repent keeps people from the kingdom.
  15. Rejection of Jesus is the rejection of God.