Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. It is better that Jesus left so that the Spirit could come.
  2. God the Spirit is the agent of conviction.
  3. Hope feeds joy.
  4. There will be tribulation in the world.
  5. Eternal life comes through Jesus.
  6. Jesus has moved from humiliation to exaltation.
  7. Jesus' prayer here is for believers.
  8. The word is linked to our sanctification.
  9. Christ was bound / Peter was free
  10. Christ was truthful / Peter was not
  11. Christ faced violence / Peter faced a girl
  12. Christ showed courage / Peter was a coward
  13. The Jews were so angry they would claim that they fully belonged to Caesar.
  14. Jesus cared for his mother to the end.
  15. The work was complete – it is finished.
  16. The Jews wanted to speed death so they asked for the legs to be broken.
  17. Prophecy was fulfilled. This was always God's plan.