Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Most parables teach one thing but this teaches several and we know this because Jesus gives his own interpretation.
  2. I am so glad that the scripture does not hide the fact that the disciples struggled in their understanding.
  3. We are told repeatedly to pay attention and listen.
  4. The kingdom grows even when we don't realize it.
  5. Jesus does care no matter your circumstances.
  6. There is no hopeless state when it comes to Jesus.
  7. Jesus is Lord over Legion.
  8. Jesus cleanses the man from his uncleanliness – spirits, the dead, Gentiles and animals.
  9. Calling came before sending.
  10. Jesus gave them authority because he has authority to confer.
  11. The signs and power were used to confirm commission and authority.
  12. Speaking against marriage was deadly for John the Baptist.
  13. His pride wouldn't allow for him to act contrary to his oath.
  14. Jesus is aware of practical needs.
  15. Jesus has power over all things.