Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Jesus has the power to forgive sins.
  2. Jesus is for everyone including tax collectors.
  3. Jesus' new teaching brings clarity to the law.
  4. The parallel of the experience of the woman for twelve years and the father for twelve years were very different; with one, great faith was commended and, with the other, great faith was encouraged.
  5. Jesus is the Son of David and his reputation is growing rapidly.
  6. They had never seen anything like this because there is no one like Jesus.
  7. The needs are many so let us give ourselves away and pray that more will be sent out.
  8. The death of John the Baptist closes an important chapter of redemptive history.
  9. John stood when the government did not like his stance on marriage.
  10. Jesus lost someone dear to him and when he withdrew, he could not escape the crowd even to mourn.
  11. The reminder of the Sermon On The Mount – pray for bread and do not worry.
  12. Jesus finally finds some solitude and the disciples need him shortly.
  13. Jesus always knows where we are... even in the boat.
  14. Our circumstances can quickly take our eyes off Jesus.
  15. Jesus is God and created all things and they are subject to him.