Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Jesus the true deliverer is outlining the rule of God for this people.
  2. The Sermon On The Mount is descriptive before it is prescriptive.
  3. What you are always comes before what you do.
  4. Kingdom life is spiritual and can be difficult.
  5. Jesus fulfilled the law.
  6. Righteousness is not a matter of obeying rules and religion cannot accomplish the kind of righteousness required – has to be more than the Pharisees.
  7. Jesus does not give an exhaustive list of sins, rather he demonstrates that sin begins in the heart.
  8. Jesus gives practical advice for religious duties and again confronts external formalism.
  9. Jesus assumes fasting and yet most ignore it.
  10. You can't have multiple masters.
  11. Worry and anxiety demonstrate a lack of trust.
  12. Be slow to judge and holy.
  13. The appearance of piety does not guarantee salvation.
  14. Build on the right foundation and obey.