Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. It is remarkable that these Magi, perhaps from Persia, would come to worship. That is why the whole place goes into an uproar.
  2. These men believe this child has a legitimate claim to the throne.
  3. Herod is a despicable character and was easily threatened.
  4. Micah's prophecy points again to the sovereign plan of God.
  5. If these men are wise, Herod is the fool.
  6. Herod's scheme is thwarted through dreams to the Magi and to Joseph.
  7. Hosea 11:1 shows us the continuing redemptive plan of God.
  8. Egypt had often provided refuge in the older testament.
  9. Herod acts with murderous paranoia.
  10. Joseph is again given divine guidance through an angel to return because of Herod's death.