Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. The word genealogy is actually genesis.
  2. This helps us see the older testament connection – this has been God's plan from the beginning.
  3. Notice the Gentile connections – God's mission has always been the nations.
  4. God has not abandoned his people.
  5. This account is the "Joseph version".
  6. The virgin birth matters because Jesus took on human nature but was without sin for he had no natural father.
  7. Jesus grew up under the scandal of alleged sexual immorality.
  8. The ministry of the angels in the Word of God is important – Angels witness both to his birth and to his resurrection.
  9. The angel’s message tells us that it:
    • is God’s will that Joseph should marry Mary
    • the pregnancy is supernatural
    • the baby will be male
    • the name of their son will be ‘Jesus’
    • this child is to save his people
  10. The reminder of Isaiah's prophecy is given.