Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Opposition comes from without and within.
  2. Fear can affect people in terrible ways.
  3. The construction was done but the return was to be much more than geographic... it was spiritual.
  4. The temple and the wall were complete but they had not yet built houses for themselves. They had their priorities in order.
  5. The genealogy served to attest to God's faithfulness in preserving his people.
  6. Genealogies also served as a tool for obedience.
  7. God's word must be a focal point for the follower of Jesus.
  8. Be grateful for those who are able to teach the bible. God has given those gifts for the benefit of his people.
  9. Let mourning have its place but the people of God have cause to rejoice even in suffering.
  10. They returned in obedience and their faith grew.